About The Author

Cierra O’day created F*ck Running in 2018. More play than pounding, this program ditches those endless hours of mind-numbing cardio in favor of short, simple sessions that challenge, nourish and energize.

As part of an athletic family, Cierra excelled in a variety of sports including basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, snowboarding and soccer. But she found her match in track. It resisted her natural athleticism and she dedicated her life to conquering it. She received track scholarships and a coveted acceptance letter from San Diego State—all her dreams came true.

But she had a secret: she hated running.

The relentless daily training left her with injuries that never had the chance to heal. The intense competition and long training schedules left her isolated, lonely and sobbing in her car after every workout. Soul-searching, therapy and the support of her family helped her make one of the most difficult and liberating decisions of her life—she let running go.

Still in pain and unsure of what to do next, she started working with renowned track coach Josh Norman. He dumped the long runs, insisted on rest days and focused on efficient, energizing workouts. Cierra found herself in the best shape of her life; she was strong, injury-free and craving her workouts.